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  1. Please make swipe feature more accurate

    Love the keyboard features, but what makes it hard for me to use is the inaccurate swipe function. I end up trying multiple times and after a while I have to give up and type instead.
    I would love to use this keyboard for the complete keyboard it has, but the inaccurate swipe feature makes me go back to free keyboards instead.

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    Word swipe in PadKeys is good enough for many users and certainly better than keyboards such as the system default that don’t have it at all. It also needs to be understood it will always seem worse than other keyboards on the same device simply because the keys are smaller.

    It IS relatively sensitive to the first and last keys touched, so if you hit these accurately, the results will be better.

    We continue to work on improving word swipe incrementally. Please vote for this issue if it is important to you, so we can prioritize accordingly.

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