Won't installing your app let you see everything I type?

Yes and no. Because keyboard apps "see" your typing, and iOS devices can communicate over the internet, this is theoretically possible. But iOS implements a safety mechanism specifically for custom keyboards. Unless you explicitly grant "Allow Full Access" in Settings to Typefinity, iOS prevents it from using the network at all.  In particular:
  • It cannot access the network.
  • It cannot access the clipboard (cut/copied text).
  • It cannot access the selected text.
While some third-party keyboards are unable to or refuse to work without "full access" enabled, Typefinity is different. First of all, even if you do give it full access, the keyboard does not use the internet for anything. Ever. Second of all, we tell you in the install instructions that you do not need to enable it, unless you want the paste button to work, and undo to restore deleted selected text. This is also stated in our privacy policy:


Our goal is to provide the best possible typing experience available on your device, and nothing else. We charge money for our keyboard and our customers are customers, not our product. But you don't need to trust us -- just leave "Full Access" off if you are concerned, and iOS prevents any communication if attempted.

For further information, please refer to Apple's documentation on the matter:


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